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Girish Beeharry gkb at
Sun Dec 15 18:27:43 UTC 1996

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann wrote:

>>Can anyone on the list give details on what is thought
>>about the 'origins' of Sanskrit please? Apart from the 'Indo-European language'
>>connection, are there any other avenues being explored?

>Well, this is like asking for explanations about the origins of human beings
>without taking the theory of evolution into account.  Yes, there are other
>avenues, such as Biblical Creationism, but...

Sarcasm is, of course, quite unnecessary. The paNDitas I talked to think that
IE is a pure construction. I want to know the situation amongst western 
scholars. It is not because a model is very popular that it is de facto true!

Besides, I don't see what the origin of a system has to with its evolution. 
Have you heard of chaos? :-)


Girish Beeharry

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