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Sat Dec 14 15:17:09 UTC 1996

At 03:54 14.12.1996 +0000, B. Reusch wrote:
>Claude Setzer sure gets thumbs down from this corner.
>It took 15 min, if not more, just to download his opus magna, the second
>part of which froze my computer and messed up all my Eudora boxes.
>Would it be at all possible to have some kind of consideration, even if
>condescending, for those rare minority beings who are not into computer
>sciences these days?

I had the same experience (100 K of empty returns, aargghh!), and I feel
the same aboout the compewter-geeks' attitude! Its like refusing to admit
that people speaking a foreignm language might have something useful to
say, so shout louder in your own language, til those idiots deign to answer
you in English (or French, or Hindi, or Gothenburg dialect or whatever).

Good some people speak up against supercilious oppression!

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