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Sat Dec 14 01:53:59 UTC 1996

Arash Zeini wrote:

>I am searching for a dictionary of the Pahlavi language. It doesn't
>matter if Pahlavi-English or Pahlavi-German.
>It is also interesting for me to know if there is any other dictionary
>of the old-persian language except the one of Chr. Bartholomae.
>And what about dictionaries of Avesta?
For Avestan see B. Schlerath's 'Awesta-Woerterbuch', in two volumes [1968,
Harrassowitz; Wiesbaden].

For Old Persian see R. Kent's 'Old Persian', 1953, Amer. Oriental Soc.; New

There's also an older 'Altpersischer Wortschatz' by W. Hinz [1942, Deutsche
Morgenlandische Gesellschaft; Leipzig]

best wishes,
George Thompson

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