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May 25, 1996
2:30 p.m.
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May 25, 1996
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I  would like to know if someone can give me information  on  the 
private  international  legal system that  prevailed  in  ancient 
India  during  the  peak of  international  trade  activity.

That  international trade flourished in  ancient  monarch-managed 
kingdoms  in  India with merchants from  Far  Eastern  countries, 
Europe  and Africa visiting the country is well known.  But  what 
laws  applied  to  resolve disputes, in  what  manner  they  were 
applied   and  what  was  the  extent  of  the  recognition   and 
enforcement of foreign judgements in India?

Did  the legal system have a concept of domicile (as  in  English 
common  law)  or  did  kings use nationality  as  the  basis  for 
application of laws as is done in Continental countries? How  did 
personal  laws  on  issues such as  legitimacy,  inheritance  and 
succession to property and titles apply?

Thanks in advance.

Somasekhar Sundaresan
som at bcclb.ernet.in

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