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On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Martin Gansten wrote:

> The question mark at "vi.dvara" remains, however. 

Well, it could mean "best of feces" -- vi.s + vara.   

The aayurvediiya mahaako"sa.h arthaat aayurvediiya "sabdako"sa.h,
sa.msk.rta-sa.mskrta, by V. M. Jo"sii and N. H. Jo"sii, volume II, p.260a,

vi.dvala - "gopaka.h" citing the Paryyaayamuktaavalii.  

vi.dvaraaha, meaning a kind of pig, is in MW, citing BhP; the word is also
in Ja.taadhara[ko"sa] according to the above dictionary.

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