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Mon Dec 2 20:43:23 UTC 1996

Srinivasan Pichumani writes:

>I somehow doubt that your context is musical, but 
>want to mention that aandolya could refer to a svara 
>or (musical) note.  

For you and anyone else who may be scratching their heads, "andolya" turned
out to be a misreading. The word in question should be "andolii", which in
the context (astrological predictions of (royal) dignity) undoubtedly means
"palanquin". Sorry for wasting people's time. The question mark at
"vi.dvara" remains, however.

Thanks to Charles Wikner and George Thompson for their extremely helpful
comments on the word "upanishad". George's observation that:

>the term refers, like bandhu  nidaana,
>etc., to the system of correlations, homologies, equations, which 
>dominates late Vedic hermeneutics

-- definitely rings a bell. My half-remembered text was probably a review of
one of the articles mentioned.

Martin Gansten

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