help with Dhammapada.t.thakathaa at at
Mon Dec 9 16:43:44 UTC 1996

I wonder if someone who has the Dhammapada.t.thakathaa next to their keyboard
would help me.  There is a reference at DhpA ii.155, bottom of the page =
translation Buddhist Legends (Burlingame 1921): ii.194 = story vi.8, which
reads in English as follows:

In former times, reborn as 500 asses, they took leavings of liquor made of
the moist juices of the grape, drunk by 500 thoroughbreds of Sindh, and
kneaded the leavings with water and straining them through towels, they drank
this juiceless, vile drink, called "strained water."  And straightaway
becoming as drunk as though they had drunk wine, they went about shouting.

<verse>: From drinking strained water, a juiceless, vile drink, the asses
became drunk. /  But the Sindh horses which drank the choice liquor did not
become drunk.

I wonder if someone would be kind and generous enough to provide me the Pali
text for this (along with the line numbers in the PTS edition, or the
reference to whatever edition you quote from).

With deep gratitude, in advance,
Jonathan Silk

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