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Thu Dec 5 21:57:22 UTC 1996

I am posting the following query on behalf of Steve Fox, who is working on a 
script for a play.

Matter of some urgency: Does anyone know the specifics (or a book which 
might contain the specifics) of the following story from Indian folklore?

Story title: something like _Good Luck, Bad Luck_

Story:  A villager comes down from the mountains and tells a Holy man of 
some ill fortune which has just befallen him.  The Holy man says "Good 
luck, bad luck who could say."  The villager goes about his business and 
it turns out that what he thought was bad luck really resulted in much 
good coming to him.

The villager returns to the Holy man and tells him of his new good 
fortune and the Holy man says, "Good luck, bad luck who could say."  As 
the story progresses this twist of "good luck" actually results in much 
misfortune coming to him.

The story goes back and fourth like this for a while.  I forget the 
ending, and the specifics but several people I've spoken with do have 
some recollection of having heard this.

Any help in this matter would be very gratefully appreciated.

Steve Fox
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