Indus Civilization and the Gangetic Doab

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Wed Dec 4 13:21:04 UTC 1996

Though the response thus far as been underwhelming on this list, I for one
wish to applaud Joe Bernstein's recent appraisal of the literature, state
of the questions, pertaining to earlier threads in Indology pertaining to
Hindutva takes on the _Aryan invasion_ and allied topics.

Pardon the change of thread name--I'm late for work--

Anyhow, Joe?

Would you be willing to give us your impressively informed read and
assessment of our list member, Dr. S. Kalyanaraman's much LONGER post to
the Indology web page, at this URL?

This is how it opens:
Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization (c. 3000 B.C.)

[I shall be grateful to receive critical comments: Dr. S. Kalyanaraman 20/7
Warren Road, Mylapore, Madras 600004 India Tel.
011-91-44-493-6288; 493-5871; Fax. 011-9144-499-6380 Internet:
mdsaaa48 at]


The objective of this article is to promote an understanding of and further
researches into delineating the courses of the `lost'
Sarasvati river from Siwalik ranges to the Rann of Kutch (sAgara) and to
gain deeper insights into an ancient civilization that
flourished on the Sarasvati and Indus river valleys circa 3000 BC.

This work substantiates the insights provided in N. Mahalingam's article in
Tamil which appeared in Amuda Surabhi, Deepavali
issue, 1995: carittirangaLai uruvAkkiya sarasvati nadi (sarasvati river
which created histories), citing the work done by Swami
sAkyAnanda of advaita ashram, Trichur affirming that north-western region
nurtured by the Sarasvati river is the ancient civilization
which is the heritage of South Asia.

The intent is to circulate this to all scholars interested in exploring
further into the ancient cultures which flourished on the
Sarasvati-Sindhu river valleys.


Many of us DO share his & your interests, Shri/Thiru/Mr. Bernstein;  only
many others may, like me, feel too entangled on other parts of life's many
Webs to jump in on every question of interest.  So, it IS fair to say, I
trust, that _WE_ look forward to your appraisal--particularly of the
evidence for megalopoli along the lost Sarasvati basin.

With thanks again for your generous postings,

Michael Rabe

Saint Xavier University
        (hence the self-cc above*)
& School of the Art Institute of Chicago
        (*so as not to miss anything while over there,
        please copy me back there too)

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