Numeric notation in the SV and related works.

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Wed Dec 4 11:32:17 UTC 1996

To Mr. Fuji,

>   For the numeral notation of the Kauthuma-Saamaveda, see Wayne Howard, 
> Saamavedic Chant (New Haven and London, 1977), pp. 29--75: Chap. 1. The 
> Kauthuma Numeral Notation.

Thank you for the citation, but the copy our libraries have here seem to
be missing. Alas! Probably stuck somewhere on a reshelving cart. Is this a
rather easy to acquire text? If so, perhaps an inter-library loan is in

> Concerning the saaman in ChU 2,24, which you have quoted, it is to be
> noted that there is another version of the same passage with different
> musical numbers, which, I think, are those of the gaayatra-saaman: O.
> B"ohtlingk, 'Kh^andogjopanishad (Leipzig, 1889), p. 23f.; Chaandogya
> Braahmanam, III (Kumbakonam, 1980), p. 60f.      

The latter text I can get (Kumbakonam), the Boehtlingk I cannot.
Nonetheless, I will refer to this to examine the differences.

Thank you for your time.

Anshuman Pandey

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