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   In one the minor Vi'si.s.taadvaaita text there appears a
definition of "saamaanaadhikara.nya" (congruence).
The definition is quoted as one found in "Mahaabhaa.sya" under 
suutra 3.2.124. 

I am a bit baffled to find, that no such definition can be found 
there. That is, the very word appears, but defined in a bit different 
way and as applied to a linguistic context different from that spoken 
of in the Vi'si.s.taadvaita text.

Can anyone help me to find out, whether anywhere in 
Mahaabhaa.sya appears the following definition of 
"saamaanaadhikara.nya" : "binnaprav.rttinimittaanaam  'sabdaanaam
ekasminnarthe saamaanaadhikara.nyam". 
Congruence defined in precisely the same manner can be found in 
Raamaanuja's work. 

The ony purely linguistic definition 
somehow similar to the one quoted above appears in Vaamana and 
Jayaaditya's "Kaa'sikavrtti" to suutra 2.1.49.

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