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Tue Dec 3 10:31:30 UTC 1996

At 19:01 2.12.1996 +0000, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
>I have arranged with the organisers of the World Sanskrit Conference
>(Bangalore 1997, January 3--9) to hold two special-interest workshops
>under the rubric of "Sanskrit and Computing".  Time and space has been
>allocated for these meetings.

Thanks for the info, and especially the CSX documentation pointer. I'm very
interested in these subjects, since it is my self-appointed mission to
provide fonts in Macintosh/PC formats for lesser used languages, and for
language scholars (as shareware according to how much time I got, and on
demand/specification, but then at a price). My latest project is a
collection of fonts for use in e-mail, where special characters are found
in the >127 ASCII-values, and the <128 ASCII-values are the usual ones. I
believe CSX already answers these requirements, btw. A font for the writing
of I.E.-IndoIranian (sc. Avestan and Sanskrit, of course) is also in the
works, as well as one for ancient Greek. I'm also trying to find a workable
solution for Tibetan -- in Tibetan script, since all transliterations into
Latin script violate the spelling conventions of that script so as to give
ab unwarranted image of monstrosity...

Do you have any more useful pointers or informations, that one can get on
the Net or through (snail) mail? I'm especially interested in existing
standards (incl. de-facto ones) for various modern SAsian languages, in as
far as these differ from CSX/Sanskrit conventions.

I have a pointer you may wish to check out: under http:// there
are a couple of nifty programs, especially SILkey and Keyman for
facilitating the typing of special characters.

At last a different query: Do you think a couple of queries wrt the
Burushaski language would be OK on the INDOLOGY list -- given that I am
(for health reasons) mainly a "Privatgelehrter" and formally an


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