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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Mon Dec 2 17:46:19 UTC 1996

I have arranged with the organisers of the World Sanskrit Conference
(Bangalore 1997, January 3--9) to hold two special-interest workshops
under the rubric of "Sanskrit and Computing".  Time and space has been
allocated for these meetings. 

The two workshops are:

  1. On the Computer Sanskrit Extended character encoding: retrospect and
     future development.
     Required reading:

     This is also available as a PostScript file from
     under the link for Conference Announcements.

  2. On standards for the transliteration of Devanagari text using only
     ASCII characters. 

     Required reading:
     A PostScript file with all tables and characters has been made
     available at
     under the link for Conference Announcements.

     This second meeting will count as a "working group" under the aegis
     of the British Standards Institute which has a committee on
     transliteration, of which I am a member.  The minutes of meeting 2
     will go back to the BSI committee, and will -- we hope -- influence
     the creation of the British, and perhaps international, standard in 
     this area.

I shall start both of these sessions with a brief introduction (15 mins?),
and then open the topic for general discussion.  It would be good if these
meetings were not too large in numbers, otherwise a proper discussion will
be difficult.  

The meetings need not be more than an hour, I think.

Best wishes,

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