Typing Sanskrit

James E. Agenbroad jage at loc.gov
Mon Aug 26 14:06:49 UTC 1996

                                                 Monday, Augues 26, 1996
I am far from beeing a sanskritist.  It seem to me that if being able to
recreate the Devanagari original form typed roman one must not only
distinguish as Tony Stone suggests between two occurences of the first
vowel "a.a" vs one occurence of the second vowel "aa" but one must also
distinguish between the dipthings "ai" and "au" on one hand and, on the
other, "a" followed by either "i" or "u".  Does the BO scheme use
"a.i" and "a.u" for the latter?  Does this interfere with other uses
of the period/full stop "."?
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