commentaries on maa.n.duukya kaarikaas

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at
Thu Aug 22 03:40:33 UTC 1996

Is there a commentary on the maa.n.duukya kaarikaas by 
anubhuutisvaruupa-aacaarya? I am aware of a commentary to Sankara's 
commentary by aanandagiri, but I recently found a commentary attributed 
to anubhuutisvaruupa in the catalog of the U. Washington library. 
Is this a different work, or is there some confusion between aanandagiri 
and anubhuutisvaruupa?

On the suject of anubhuutisvaruupa, is there a definitive list of 
compositions of this author? The is listed as his 
composition in the same catalog. However, S. N. Dasgupta's History of 
Indian Philosophies lists this work as that of an unknown author. 
Throughout the volume dealing with advaita, Dasgupta talks of the 
philosophy of "the author of the," without 
mentioning his name. But Karl Potter's vol. 1 of the Encyclopedia of 
Indian Philosophies lists this work under anubhuutisvaruupa. How was the 
authorship decided?

S. Vidyasankar

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