Official State Languages query

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Tue Aug 20 04:33:13 UTC 1996

No, I'm pretty sure I got that right. I dont know what the technical
definition of national language is,  but a simple layman's definition that I
think describes the role of the Indian national languages is: one that
works as a lingua franca for the country as a whole. The Indian official
languages are used to a greater extent in specific states rather than
throughout the country. 

Gail Coelho

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Narayan S. Raja wrote:

> Actually, I believe it's the other way
> round -- English and Hindi are
> "official languages", whereas every
> language on the list (including Hindi,
> and presumably English too, since
> it's the state language of Nagaland)
> is a "national language".  Pl. correct
> me if I'm mistaken.
> Regards,
> Raja.

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