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Axel Michaels michaels at
Wed Aug 7 08:41:09 UTC 1996

Madhav Deshpande wrote:
>        Communications on Indology or a similar network are scholarly, 
>but casual, and not to be treated as anyone's "considered final opinions" 
>on a given topic.  Therefore, there is a great danger of citations from 
>e-mail messages leading to misrepresentation.  Minimally, I would suggest 
>that the author of a message needs to be explicitly asked for his/her 
>permission for a specific quote, and be given an opporunity to review 
>that quote.  
>        Madhav Deshpande

I basically agree with this point. However, e-mails in a discussion 
group are not private or personal communications. If one has to be aware 
that one might be quoted, unneccessary messages could perhaps decrease. A 
solution could be that one indicates in an e-mail, if one does not want to 
be quoted.

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