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Mon Aug 5 07:10:19 UTC 1996

John Gardner wrote:
> After the many postings, updatings, and format revisions, where best did 
> Charles Wikner's Sanskrit Course wind up?  THere were several FTP's 
> suggested, as well as URL's-- I was hoping to find the 8 1/2 x 11" paper 
> size format.

There are only two editions:
(1) The June edition is standard PostScript and readily printable, but 
older versions of GhostScript/GhostView have difficulty displaying 
properly it on-screen; and 
(2) the July edition (same contents) is readily viewable on-screen
with the older versions of Ghostscript/GhostView but seems unprintable
on standard PostScript printers.

There are also two versions: for letter paper (US) and A4 paper (Europe).

As to sites: so far as I have been informed, details are appended below.

Charles Wikner.

----------------------- Summary of Sites --------------------------------

(July edition, letter and A4 paper versions):

(July edition, letter and A4 paper versions)

(Source Site):

(June edition, letter paper version only),
(June edition, letter paper version only)

----------------------- From Announce Message ------------------------------

An introductory course to the Sanskrit language is now available
by anonymous ftp from

BEWARE: there is a very thin piece of wire to South Africa, 
        and it is stretched rather taut, so the best time to
        ftp would be Sunday morning local time (GMT+2:00).

The files are:

sktintro.ps600-a4paper-july96         (5695k)
sktintro.ps600-a4paper-july96-zip      (676k) - remember to set TYPE to BINARY

sktintro.ps600-letter-july96         (5696k)
sktintro.ps600-letter-july96-zip      (677k) - remember to set TYPE to BINARY


Charles Wikner.
wikner at

----------------------- Extracts from posts --------------------------------

From: Nandu Abhyankar <abhyankn at>

Your file file is loaded to jaguar site so that in case
it is faster for people in US or UK they can access it.  In case anyone
had difficulty accessing your site you can ask them to try this.
For size constraints, they are compressed as (Unix) and (PC) and will be linked through
or through sanskrit.html.

From: MSR <r0m6887 at>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 10:35:14 -0500 (CDT)


	I downloaded the book by shrii Charles Wikner. For the sake of
convenience of folks in US ( as a support to the thin wire going to
south africa), I have kept in
	With browsers like netscape and lynx, it is possible to
download this file.

	It is a compressed file ( using gzip) of original letter
format file. I don't have enough space to keep the file in original
form ( close to 9 MB). May be sanskrit site at jaguar can host these

Thanks for your attention. 


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From: Scott Robson <scott at>
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 23:50:09 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Those big sanskrit files on ftp

I have put that much talked about sanskrit file on the ftp site

These are both the a4 and letter size versions there. Note that this site 
is in Australia and hence may be slow for some people. I also ask that if 
people are having trouble getting the files, please email me and let me 
know. If the site gets too busy, they will be removed from there very 
quickly so please be responsible :>

Hope this helps some people...


From:	IN%"indology at"  8-JUL-1996 16:10:17.07
Subj:	Wikner's Sanskrit Course

Dear Indologists,

Charles Wikner's materials for Introductory Sanskrit are now available under
"Sanskrit" at the European mirror of ousia:

Please use this site instead of Wikner's FTP site to download the materials.
That server is rather slow and overloaded. The larger files are zipped.


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