Ardhasa.msk.rta and "Saa.takula

Somdev Vasudeva somdev.vasudeva at
Mon Sep 25 19:58:21 UTC 1995

I would like to enquire if anyone has come across the term "Saa.takula 
describing the local dialect spoken in Kashmir in Abhinavagupta's time. 
The term occurs in his Abhinavabhaaratii commentary on Naa.tya"saastra 
32.384cd (the context is the allocation of languages to various 
characters performing dhruvaa songs): eva tu maanu.syaa.naa.m prayojayet

Abhinava gives at least three different explanations of what exactly 
ardhasa.msk.rta is supposed to be. Unfortunately the printed text is 
somewhat garbled but the alternatives offered appear to be:

1. `Proper'(trivargaprasiddha) Sanskrit interspersed with local dialects, 
eg. the Ma.nipravaala dialect in the south and "Saa.takula in Kashmir.

2. Popular collloquial Sanskrit (sakalalokaprasiddha), a common language 
devoid of any regional characteristic (ie. the exact opposite of 1.)

3. Non-standard Prakrit, "Saurasenii not conforming to the rules of 
Vararuci's grammar.

When Abhinavagupta cites verses in Apabhra.m"sa in his Dhvanyaalokalocana 
or in his Tantric exegesis he refers to the language as Saindhavii, I 
therefore presume the "Saa.takula dialect to be different. Has anyone 
seen this dialect mentioned elsewhere?
Somdev Vasudeva 


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