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Fri Sep 22 15:04:06 UTC 1995

pgm said:
> I'm sure this is well-worn territory on this list, but on the
> other hand computer software changes so rapidly that one season's
> recommendations may not apply when the same old questions get
> asked in the next.
> My question is about the availability of Windows or DOS-based
> software for sanskrit text. In particular are there programs
> which convert devanagari to romanized (though probably not
> vice versa)?  Basically, however, I would much appreciate
> hearing from anybody with strong recommendations for a
> particular package.

There is quite a lot of relevant stuff available via the INDOLOGY web
page or gopher.  Try,
or just ftp to
where you will find directories /software and /texts.  The first has
some nice CSX-compliant roman fonts in both truetype and postscript



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