Missing Sanskrit Fonts

David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Thu Sep 21 13:09:46 UTC 1995

> 1)  a Romanised Sanskrit True Type font for use in PC
> Windows 3.x applications . This font is stored in a zip file that
>  includes not only the True Type Font itself, but a WordPerfect 5.1 for
> Windows Keyboard that reallocates the letters with diacritical marks to
> more natural keys - eg. long "a" to CRTL-A, etc. There is also a file with a
> table of the location of all the special characters, particularly for those who
> do not use WordPerfect, as well as an explanation of the Keyboard for
>  those who do.
> 2) The Heart Sutra in both Sanskrit and English. It uses the above Sanskrit
>  font for its characters.
> Now I am writing to let know (especially those who are without an access to
> Compuserve) that the Coombspapers Social Sciences Research Data Bank at ANU
> (access via anon. ftp and/or gopher to the coombs.anu.edu.au node) has now
> received and archived both sets of the John Richards' files:
> Files with the font are now stored in the Coombspapers' subdirectory
> /coombspapers/otherarchives/soc-science-software/fonts
> romanised-sanskrit-ttf-inf.txt
> romanised-sanskrit-ttf.zip
> sanskrit-ttf.zip

According to an archie search just performed, these ftp files can be
found in several places including:

a) ftp.uu.net     in directory:

b) coombs.anu.edu.au   in directory

David Magier 

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