Missing Sanskrit Fonts

Terence Hays GOTOHAYS at macc.wisc.edu
Wed Sep 20 15:53:00 UTC 1995

Some time ago (10/14/93) the message below was posted to Buddha-L for the
first time.  Recently I tried to locate the files mentioned in the post and
found that they were no longer located at the specified site(s).  If you have
any knowledge as to where these files may be found or where I might obtain
additional Sanskrit fonts for Windows 3.0, please drop me a note.


Terence Hays
gotohays at wisc.macc.edu

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Dear Colleagues,

A few days ago John Richards <jhr at elidor.demon.co.uk> signalled that he has
put on the Compuserve the following materials:

1)  a Romanised Sanskrit True Type font for use in PC
Windows 3.x applications . This font is stored in a zip file that
 includes not only the True Type Font itself, but a WordPerfect 5.1 for
Windows Keyboard that reallocates the letters with diacritical marks to
more natural keys - eg. long "a" to CRTL-A, etc. There is also a file with a
table of the location of all the special characters, particularly for those who
do not use WordPerfect, as well as an explanation of the Keyboard for
 those who do.

2) The Heart Sutra in both Sanskrit and English. It uses the above Sanskrit
 font for its characters.

Now I am writing to let know (especially those who are without an access to
Compuserve) that the Coombspapers Social Sciences Research Data Bank at ANU
(access via anon. ftp and/or gopher to the coombs.anu.edu.au node) has now
received and archived both sets of the John Richards' files:

Files with the font are now stored in the Coombspapers' subdirectory

Files with the Heart Sutra are now stored in the Coombspapers' subdirectory

At the same time, I would like to thank John Richards for the generous
sharing of his valuable software-tools and data with researchers and students
from all over the world.

Dr T. Matthew CIOLEK           tmciolek at coombs.anu.edu.au
Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences
and Pacific Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies,
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia

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