upaadhmaaniiya and jihvaamuuliiya

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Tue Sep 19 12:39:39 UTC 1995

It might be interesting to note in this context what Johannes Hertel says
in his Einleitung to his Tantraakhyaayika, 1910, p. XXIV § 2. Schreibung
und Satzzeichen (Spelling and Punctuation) under para. 1 b.: "Zischlaut,
Upaadhmaaniiya und Jihvaamuuliiya verwende ich mit den Handschriften statt
des im eigentlichen Indien ueblichen Visarga" (I am using the sibilants u´s
and j´s as the manuscripts do instead of the usual visarga in India
itself). The context is the Kashmiri recensions that he used.

Jay Soni
soni at mailer.uni-marburg.de


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