Address of Bhasa vibhag Panjab

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Mon Sep 18 18:00:32 UTC 1995

>I am trying to get copies of catalogues of Panjabi manuscripts and have 
>found one published back in the early 60s and it gives (in Gurumukhi) the 
>following addresses as places to get more copies:
>'Director General of the department of the Languages of the Panjab
>'Controler Printing and stationary department Chandigarh'
>Does anyone know fuller forms of these addresses?
>Or know any information about other more recent catalogues of Panjabi MS?
>Peter Friedlander
 You might try:  Language Department
                 Punjab Government
                  Patiala 147 001

                School of Panjabi Studies
                Panjab University
                Chandigarh 160 014
                tel 23798 - 22873 - 22934 or 22980

Good luck,

    Dick Plukker
    India Institute, Amsterdam


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