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Narayan S. Raja raja at galileo.IFA.Hawaii.Edu
Tue Sep 19 04:16:31 UTC 1995

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Peter Claus wrote:

> I am interested in opinions you might have as to the derivation
> of the term paatri (which the Manner Tulu-English dictionary
> gives as paatiri).  There seems to me to be several possible
> leads with cognates in other languages. 
> 1) (Sanskrit?) paatre (paatra): a vessel, a drinking vessel
> 2) (Sanskrit) paati (as in paati-vrata): having to do with being
> chaste, worthy (paatrata)
> 3) (Telugu) paatara (or something like that): falling, dancing
> about, frenzied.

In Tamil (which is more closely
related to Tulu than is Sanskrit),
"paatiri" is the word for a Christian
priest.  I always assumed it was
related to the European "padre."





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