Query on familial branches of Brahmans.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 6 19:13:10 UTC 1995


I am doing some personal research on the Sarjuparia Brahmans and the
clans to which these Brahmans belong. I am having considerable
difficulty in my progress because the collection of such topics at
my university's library is scant. By turning to you, I am hoping
you will be able to assist me.

My predicament centers around identifying the branch to which the
Brahman belong. From what I have read, I have come to the assumption
that the branch identification may come from the Veda the family studies.
But is the identification taken from the school to which the family 
belongs, or from the author of the books the family traditionally

In his "Hindu Castes and Tribes", Matthew A. Sherring, writes about 
a system whereby Brahmans are classified as follows:

     <name> is a Tri-, Panch-, or a Sat- prawa Brahman of the
     <a> branch of the <b> clan, of the <c> rank, of the <d>
     gotra, of the <e> division, of the <f> tribe of <g> 

        An example is:
        Vishnu Narayana is a Satprawa Brahman of the Apabmasta
        branch of the Brihadgram clan of the Upadhyay rank, of
        the Bharadvaj gotra, of the Chitpavam division, of the
        Maratha tribe of Dravira Brahmans.

I have been able to find every variable except for the branch. Is 
there any text, perhaps a Purana, which provides lists of the
schools, or branches, of the Vedas?

Thank you.

Anshuman Pandey


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