Paliath Narendran dran at
Tue Oct 31 16:21:57 UTC 1995

Dominik wrote: 

> The Sadratnamala is a Keralan work on jyotisa, of the tantra type, in
> six chapters.  It was composed in 1823 by Sankaravarman of Katattanat
> (1800--38).  He was a prince, also known as Appu Tampuran, and belonged
> to the royal house of Tampuran in North Malabar.  The Sadratnamala was

royal house of kaTattanAT, not tampurAn. `tampurAn' merely means
(something like) `Lord.' Male members of all royal families are
addressed as tampurAn.

Kunjunni Raja (in his `The Contribution of Kerala to Sanskrit
Literature,' pub. by the University of Madras) gives 1774-1838 as
Appu Tampuran's time period.  The date of composition of
Sadratnamaala is given as 1824.


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