Gotras and the Vedas.

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Mon Oct 30 03:33:09 UTC 1995

Does there exist a formal system or certain tradition whereby specific 
gotras are associated with specific Vedas and their recensions, or are 
gotras and their association with the Vedic schools independent of 
tradition and system and dependent on choice?

In his Hindu Tribes and Castes (1872), M. A. Sherring provides a list 
similar to the following in which he categorized gotra families under 
specific Vedas. Is there much accuracy in this list?

Samavedins    Yajurvedins    Rgvedins   Atharvavedins   The rest of the
----------    -----------    --------   -------------   Brahmans, of all
Kasyapa       Bharadvaja     Bhargava   Kaushika        gotras, follow
Kaasyapa      Bhaaradvaja    Sankrita   Grtakaushika    the Vajurveda.
Vatsa         Angiraah       Garga      Mudhgala
Sandilya      Gautama        Bhrgu      Galawa
Dhananjya     Upamanyu       Saunak     Vashisht


Anshuman Pandey


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