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Mon Oct 30 22:05:16 UTC 1995

Dear Mr Thrasher,

>I don't find this title in LC or OCLC.  Could Mr. Raman tell us who it is 
>by and what language it's in, in case it may appear in some collection?  
>Also any other pertinent information.

The work is referenced in Datta and Singh, "History of Hindu
mathematics", Asia Publishing house, Bombay, 1962. The book gives a
description of the Katapayadi scheme supposedly from a work called
Sadratnamala, which J.F.Fleet's article quotes from a paper of Whish
(1827), as of unspecified source.

Unfortunately I had returned my copy of the Datta and Singh book which
was on interloan, but have re-requested it, so I should be able to
give more information soon.

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