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The _Sadratnamaalaa_ is an astronomical work written by Prince
"Sa.nkaravarman (alias Appu Tampuraan) of Ka.tattanaa.d in AD 1832.  Mr. C.
M. Whish knew him well.  The work in Malayalam script with the
auto-commentary in Malayalam was once published  in the _Kavanodayam_ 16,

Mss.: Adyar Library 67735, and GOML (Madras) R 4448.

K. K. Raja, `Astronomy and mathematics in Kerala', _Brahmavidyaa_ 27, 1963,
118--167 (esp. 165--166).
S. N. Sen, _A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy and Mathematics_,
New Delhi: National Commission for the Compilation of History of Science in
India, 1966, p. 191.
K. V. Sarma, _A History of the Kerala School of Hindu Astronomy (in
Perspective)_, Hoshiarpur: Vishveshvaranand Institute, 1972, p. 78.
K. V. Sarma, _A Bibliography of Kerala and Kerala-Based Astronomy and
Astrology_, Hoshiarpur: Vishveshvaranand Institute, 1972, p. 91.


P.S. --- Some time ago Krishna Kunchithapadam wrote:
I too have a question regarding the sankhya.  I have come across 
a sloka which encodes the digits of the the decimal expansion of
pi (correct to about 20+ decimal places) based on the katapayadi
    gopi bhaagya madhu vrata, srngisho dadhisandhiga |
    khalajivita khatava, galahata rasandhara ||

I appreciate a pointer to the source or any other relevant
The verse in question is found to be a quite new production by Swami
Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in his book, _Vedic Mathematics_, Delhi: Motilal,
1978.  Note that his `Vedic mathematics' is nothing to do with the
mathematics in the Vedic period.  For this see, for example, R. C. Gupta,
`Six types of Vedic mathematics', _Ga.nita Bhaaratii (Bulletin of the
Indian Society for History of Mathematics)_ 16, 1994, 5--15.
At 11:11 PM 95.10.30 +0000, Anand Venkt Raman wrote:
>Dear Mr Thrasher,
>>I don't find this title in LC or OCLC.  Could Mr. Raman tell us who it is 
>>by and what language it's in, in case it may appear in some collection?  
>>Also any other pertinent information.
>The work is referenced in Datta and Singh, "History of Hindu
>mathematics", Asia Publishing house, Bombay, 1962. The book gives a
>description of the Katapayadi scheme supposedly from a work called
>Sadratnamala, which J.F.Fleet's article quotes from a paper of Whish
>(1827), as of unspecified source.
>Unfortunately I had returned my copy of the Datta and Singh book which
>was on interloan, but have re-requested it, so I should be able to
>give more information soon.
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