Digital Indological Dream?

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Wed Oct 25 09:35:09 UTC 1995

On October 17th Dominik began this thread:

>In the longish message that follows, I ask you to consider the future
>possibilities and directions for computer-based resources of use or
>interest to indologists.  Please don't bother to read on if this does
>not interest you.  I am just fishing for ideas and opinions, and I
>fully understand that you may be too busy for this.  (I am!)   :-)
My initial response forecast [that]:

Like MYST, indological best sellers (of the future--come quickly!) will
probably be authored by individuals...with real vision for the medium...

        Just hours ago, a student of mine here at The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago [nom de mouse: Samnation, whom I had not even met yet
last week] started working on a Hindu Arts web site.  If you're running a
graphical browser, please have a look at what he's constructed so far--like
Visvakarman in a single night!

His links include reference to a fine on-line journal that I hadn't heard
about yet myself, Asian Arts.  (And his own first appropriation exercise
includes a modified self portrait peering from dvaras of the Kapalesvara

Michael Rabe


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