Digital Indological Dream?

RAH hueckst at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Oct 19 14:02:44 UTC 1995

What I would like to see online in some very condensed but easily usable 
form is the Poona Dictionary. (I'm not sure what the official name of 
this work is.) I understand it will surpass the St. Pete's 
in quality and comprehensiveness, and I understand it is all ready on 
chits, but at the rate it is being published in book form, none of us 
alive today will see it completed. Since the other dictionaries mentioned 
are already available in decent book form, I would prefer that priority 
be given to this work, that is not available for use except for those of 
us fortunate enough to be in Madras.

Working, but otherwise on strike,
Bob Hueckstedt
Robert A. Hueckstedt, Associate Professor of Indic Languages
Asian Studies Centre, 328 Fletcher Argue, University of Manitoba
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