Etymology of kSatriya

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at
Mon Oct 16 15:37:29 UTC 1995

Narahari Rao said:
> can you please give me this reference to the study of "citta" and
>  "ahamkAra"? When you are at it, you mentioned recently your=20
> interest in the history of science in South Asia.=20
> Is there some good book written recently that you can suggest?=20

The articles I had in mind were published in the JAOS in the late
fifties or early sixties, I think.  They are probably reprinted in:

  _Studies in Indian literature and philosophy: collected articles of J.
  A. B. van Buitenen_, edited by Ludo Rocher (Delhi: Motilal, 1988).

On reflection, I think he discussed ahamkara and atman, rather than a.
and citta.  Anyhow, samkhya concepts.  I remember the articles as being
very useful and insightfully written.

dominik wujastyk


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