rm11 R.Mayer at
Thu Oct 12 13:13:06 UTC 1995

I don't think he or Peter Verhagen are on email; only Harunaga
Issacson seems to be on it.

Btw, Peter Verhagen wrote me recently, advising me to read your
Leiden dissertation for my greater edification. Can you give
me bibliographic details?

I browsed (wityh little time) your work on Yogatantra in
traces in Indonesia; very good work. You make some comments on
Boord: I found his work on the Byang-gter tradition very informative,
but there are some problems in his analysis of the ki_la tradition
as a whole: one gets the imp[ression of great haste. I am also 
wondering how he gets the name Tr.ptacakra for the yum, when all
Tibetan and even secondary sources (eg R.A. Stein) give Di_ptacakra.

Rob Mayer
Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Wales (Lampeter).

(I live in Canterbury, and use local email, also teaching here
at University of Kent a little, to help out my friends).

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