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Mon Oct 9 17:49:50 UTC 1995

Dear Colleagues,

I am working on a critical edition of the lyrics of the 16-century Braj poet,
musician and religious preceptor SvAmI HaridAs. His poetry is very fascinating
but  sometimes extremely obscure; neither discussions with people from the
HaridAsI SampradAy in Vrindaban, nor dictionaries have helped me to resolve
some problems.

I would appreciate any information about the following obscure Braj words/idioms
which occur in HaridAs's KelimAl (KM):

1. dihArI KM 15.4;
2. sADhe gyArah KM 26.3 (this is supposed to be a coin which was in circulation
at Akbar's time, but I haven't manage to find any reference to it);
3. bAphini KM 37.1 (again this is supposed to mean 'eyelashes' but I haven't
been able to trace it);
4. adhauTI KM 61.2 (according to SBBhK this is a type of instrument, but I would
be interested to know what exactly type of instrument);
5. arAarI KM 71.2 (attested as a synonym of MSH hoR, but no etymology);
6. an idiom: dUbare kI rAdhI khIra khA- KM 51.4
7. _       : pAnI meM pAnI narIca 

Many thanks,
Lucy Rosenstein

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