Speak Sanskrit classes in US

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                    "S P E A K   S A N S K R I T"

                  classes by Sri Krishna Shastry
                         Oct - Dec 1995
                           in U.S.A
        ** Schedule for classes attached at the end of this mail **

Revolutionary teaching technique in "Spoken Sanskrit"
     o The teaching starts with SPEAKING and not with GRAMMAR.
     o The instructor will speak ONLY in SANSKRIT from day one.
     o You don't need to know Sanskrit before!
     o You don't need to memorize all the noun and verb tables. Did we
       do that to learn our mother tongue ?
     o Classes are fun and are conducted through enjoyable games.
     o Follow up classes and study groups will be conducted.
     o Special workshop for Sanskrit teachers will be conducted

The Movement
    What started off in 1982 at Bangalore, as an experiment to bring back
Sanskrit into daily life, has gathered the momentum of a movement today.
Speak Sanskrit  classes are being held all over the country. Nearly 80% of
people in the village Mattur in Karnataka converse in Sanskrit on a daily
basis. More than a million people have participated in Speak Sanskrit
classes in the last 14 years.

Krishna Shastry, The Man behind the movement.
    "Language learning starts with speaking and not grammar. This is the
natural way to learn any language", says Krishna Shastry. After obtaining
his "Shastry" degree from Rashtreeya Sanskrita Samsthaanam, New Delhi,
Sri Krishna Shastry, 39, has devoted his life for taking Sanskrit to
common people. He has personally trained thousands of teachers and students.
Ever smiling, tireless Sri Krishna Shastry is a bundle of energy and an
inspiration to all.

             Visit the Web site "Sanskrit Home Page" at

For general info, contact
Venkatesh Murthy 415-926-6925 Email: vmurthy at informix.com

Following is his schedule. Contact person is given for each city. Where the
contact person is not an email, use vmurthy at informix.com

Oct 27 - 28   : Portland/Seattle [ Not confirmed ]

Oct 30- Nov 4 : San Francisco
                Prasanna Ganapati 408-446-5485  prasg at informix.com

Nov 5 - 7     : Los Angeles
                Chetan gandhi  310-926-2633 gandhi at gandalf.SP.TRW.COM

8 - 10        : San Diego

10 - 12       : Houston
                Sharad Amin    713-980-9150    vmurthy at informix.com

13 - 15       : Miami
                Ajay Joshi  305-823-2380  (Jennifer Schluke) jschul01 at fiu.edu

16 - 18       : Atlanta
                Srikant Konda    404 394 6008  srikanth at hemi.alph.att.com

19 - 22       : Chicago
                Bhaskar Enaganti    312-258-0298  bhas at andersen.com

23 - 26       : Columbus/Cincinnati
                Usha Ashwat  614-487-1407  cadus at aol.com

27 - 30       : Maryland
                Dr.Radheshyam dwivedi  301-345-6090 (fax: 301-345-6559)

Dec 1 -  4    : NJ/PA
                Shashi Ghat  610 395 3553 ghatsb at ttown.apci.com

4 -  7        : Boston
                Prashant Bhat    603-595-7051

8 - 10        : NY
                Surendra    718-846-0662    Email:ramana at image.li-ny.org


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