NORMAN.TTF (Windows) users, please...

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Sat Oct 7 08:21:04 UTC 1995

A few highly technical questions for those who use NORMAN.TTF for Windows: 
I use this font with Word for Windows 6.0 (Japanese version), and I'm quite
puzzled with two

(1) Whenever I type something in italics, and then there's a diacritical
mark, the type jumps back to non-italics after I use either the space-key or
insert another sign. 

(2) With some, but not all, diacritical marks, I cannot delete them with the
"delete"-key, but I have to use "backspace". 

Both these phenomena indicate that there's some peculiarity about the
font-encoding which makes Word f. Windows NOT recognize diacritics as
"normal" characters. I have experienced this with other diacritic-fonts, but
only insofar as a diacritical mark counts as word-boundary (which is why the
CTRL-left arrow or -right arrow-key only gets you to the next diacritical
mark, and not to the next "real" word), and never in the above-mentioned way. 

Experiences, anybody? 


Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima


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