sci.astro.archaeo: Proposed Newsgroup/Mailing List

Sat Oct 7 14:14:29 UTC 1995

Certainly a very good idea!

We had a very instructive conference on this topic at U. Missouri/ 
Columbia  a few years ago. We learned a lot from each other,  across the  
board (Near East/India/Maya)...

We should address, e.g., the question of ancient realtions (or not) 
between Babylonia and India...

I suggest that you inform/invite  Prof. Aveni (Colgate U.) who has been 
working on Meso-American astro-arch. for along time. His book sky watchers of 
ancient Mexico is very useful for anyone working on ancient astronomy 
(esp. the chapter dealing with watching the sky with naked eyes!).

For an outcome of the Columbia/MO conference, see a re-evaluation of the  
image/asterism of the Big Dipper/Ursa Maior in the Veda, in: Electronic 
Journal of Vedic Studies :
(   or 
/~ejvslist/ ) 


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