Hinduism and Buddhism/Jainism

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Fri Oct 6 21:37:29 UTC 1995

> From: Anshuman Pandey <apandey at u.washington.edu>
> Don't the philosophies of jainism and buddhism fall into the category of 
> "shramanic" philosophies, whereas as vedic hinduism falls into the 
> category of "brahmanic"?
> Did not the vedic vipras/brahmanas have trouble with the shramanic 
> ascetics in their refusal to honor the brahmanic yajnas, etc?
> It seems that strains of jainism and buddhism were prevalent, including 
> mentions of tirthankars and boddhisatvas, during the early vedic age.
> Anshuman Pandey

Both 'sharmana' and 'vraatya' traditions have basis in  Rigveda Samhita.
There are some differences  among all the sects of hinduism and is 
not unique to jainism and budhism.


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