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>Being a university professor is one of the few jobs, at least as far as I 
>am aware, in which one is expected to be involved in some sort of 
>"community service". Not many people from the community have been banging 
>on my door for my help, but someone recently has. An acquaintance of mine 
>has been given a verse to memorize and repeat. (By whom and why I don't 
>know. Maybe something to do with the Iyengar school of yoga.) Being 
>curious, she asked me if I would tell her how to pronounce it properly 
>and what it means. The following is what she gave me. I haven't 
>completely figured it out yet (and frankly, I'm now stuck), but I thought 
>some of you may be interested in trying to figure it out for yourselves. 
>It's sort of like editing a corrupt manuscript. I would offer a prize, 
>but the garage just called me and said my car needed $1400  in repairs.
>I'm trying to cheer myself up.
>Here's the verse, just as I was given it:
>	Om Tryambakam
>		Yejama Hai
>	Sugandhim pushti
>		vardhanam
>	Urva rukumiva
>		bandhanan
>	mrityor mukshiya
>		mamritat
>Have fun,
>Bob Hueckstedt

I might be able to help.  The verse happens to be among those on a set of two 
audio casettes _Sounds of Tantra_ by Harish Johari.  This would probably be a 
good source for your acquaintance, since not only the correct pronunciation, 
but also the intonation are demonstrated. The caseetes are from Destiny 
Recordings One Park Street, Rochester, N.Y. 05767.

In an accompanying book by Johari _Tools for Tantra_ , Destiny Books, 1986
on page 43. the mantra, which Johari calls the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, is 
written exactly as follows:


[capitals in cited work]
Johari goes on to summarize its import (though not its semantic or 
grammatical meaning).  

"Ths powerful mantra of Siva the Rudra removes physical, mental and celestial 
ailments.  Like Gayatri this is an all-purpose mantra . . . Mahamrityunjaya 
Mantra is supposed to give victory over death, suffering and disease.  It 
removes obstacles, creates a suitable environment and brngs happiness to 
life." (p. 43).

I hope this will be somewhat helpful.

N. C. Much


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