A riddle (fwd)

Steve Nizyborski snizybor at hpcnq30.cup.hp.com
Thu Nov 16 23:35:05 UTC 1995

>Here's the verse, just as I was given it:
>	Om Tryambakam
>		Yejama Hai
>	Sugandhim pushti
>		vardhanam
>	Urva rukumiva
>		bandhanan
>	mrityor mukshiya
>		mamritat

Here's what I remember...what did you say I won?...a car?  :-)
See Rv. 7.59.12

om  tryambakaM yajAmahe sugandhim pushhTivardhanam
urvArukam iva bandhanAt mR^ityoH mukshhIya mA amR^ItAt

Om We worship the three-eyed one, sweet fraganced (or
wearing sandalwood, I suppose) and the promotor of welfare.  

May we be released from the bondage (of) death like the urvAruka fruit, 
not (released) from immortality.

Sorry, I don't recall the form mukshhIya (from dhAtu muJNj), so the
"May we be released" part is suspect, but that's the gist, if memory serves.

Steve Nizyborski


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