Oppenheimer and Gita

Noel Salmond NSALMOND at arus.ubishops.ca
Mon Nov 13 01:28:01 UTC 1995

In his translation of the Bhagavad Gita, Winthrop Sargeant adds a note 
to Gita 11:12 to the effect that the American nuclear physicist Robert 
Oppenheimer recalled this verse on witnessing the explosion of the 
first atomic bomb.
Can someone corroborate this story. Somehow in the 
back of my mind I recall hearing that Oppenheimer quoted another verse 
on this occasion, which one? How would Oppenheimer have been familiar 
with Gita in the first place?

With thanks

Noel Salmond
Bishop's University
nsalmond at arus.ubishops.ca

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