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For the particle kila, see
I. Ickler, "Die vedische Partikel kila," Zeitschrift f"ur vergleichende 
Sprachforschung (KZ) 90 (1977), pp. 50-86.
Leendert A. van Daalen, "The Particle kila/kira in Sanskrit, Prakrit and the 
Pali Jatakas," Indo-Iranian Journal 31 (1988), pp. 111-137.  

>>Can anybody help me with the following question:
>>how often does the particle kila occur at the beginning of a sentence in
>>classical prose?  Speijer states that it is always enclitic and I noticed 
>>nothing about unusual word order in Emeneau's article on kila in the 
>>Indo-Iranian Journal.  The Petersburger Woerterbuch states that kila occurs
>>rarely in first place and gives two Belegstellen---one from the 
>>and one from a prose passage in the Pa~ncatantra (in an aged edition which I 
>>have not yet tracked down)---but I feel these have little probative value.
>>I believe there is another article on kila and other particles (?by van 
>>Daalen).  Does anybody happen to know where it was published?  Has anyone 
>>across other instances of kila appearing as the first word in a sentence?  I
>>would be most grateful for any help.
>>Dominic Goodall.

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