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If I remember well, there exists a dissertation by Ingeborg Ickler on 
particles in the Upanishads in which a major part is on kila. However, due 
to a lack of proper library facilities I cannot verify it. Perhaps somebody 
else (Michael Witzel?) could check it?
Axel. M.

>Can anybody help me with the following question:
>how often does the particle kila occur at the beginning of a sentence in
>classical prose?  Speijer states that it is always enclitic and I noticed 
>nothing about unusual word order in Emeneau's article on kila in the 
>Indo-Iranian Journal.  The Petersburger Woerterbuch states that kila occurs
>rarely in first place and gives two Belegstellen---one from the 
>and one from a prose passage in the Pa~ncatantra (in an aged edition which I 
>have not yet tracked down)---but I feel these have little probative value.
>I believe there is another article on kila and other particles (?by van 
>Daalen).  Does anybody happen to know where it was published?  Has anyone come
>across other instances of kila appearing as the first word in a sentence?  I
>would be most grateful for any help.
>Dominic Goodall.

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