address change/EJVS (fwd)

Fri May 26 02:13:46 UTC 1995

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For those intersted in the new 
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies 

The second issue is available on request and also available on WWW now, at 

To simplify matters we have now shifted the whole operation to Milano.

The new address is:

              ejvs-list at . 

If you have technical problems or if a prospective new member wants to 
register please write to:

              majordomo at

For general information just send the message:    help
to  majordomo at, and the machine will send you 
some standard information.

New subscribers should send the following message:

                     subscribe ejvs-list

to:         majordomo at

They will then receive a welcome message to show that they are subscribed.

I thank Dr. L. Magnocavallo for all of his assistance with regard to this 
change and for his designing and maintaining our homepages as well!

I will shut down EJVS-list at  as of now. But for a while,  
EJVS-LIST at husc will send you error messages etc. if you attempt to  
contact the old address.

You can always reach me at my private address: witzel at 
for any questions.

Thanks for your interest!

Michael Witzel


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