gerund of sammizrayati

Vidhyanath K. Rao vidynath at
Mon May 22 22:47:31 UTC 1995

A quick question to the grammarians on this list: How does one form the
gerund of a tenth class/causative compounded with an upasarga if the
root ends in a conjuct consonant? In particular, is the gerund of
-mizr (mix together) -mizrya?

Whitney and Macdonnel state the rule as ``if the radical vowel is
>short<, then the causative affix aya is retained, except for the final
a''. Should the word `short' be replaced by `light'? A quick search
through the grammar books failed to turn up any definitive example.

Of course, the stem mizraya is said to be really a denominative, even
though it is listed in the dhaatupaaTha among the curaadi class. Are such
roots treated like denominatives or like tenth class verbs in this

Thanks in advance for your help

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