Summer Sanskrit at Harvard

Mon May 22 22:34:51 UTC 1995

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Subject: Summer Sanskrit at Harvard 

Since I got several inquiries regarding our offering of Introductory 
Sanskrit this summer, -- taught here since 1988 --I repeat the most 
important items for those still interested to join us or those who could 
not find an opportunity elsewhere.

  SANS S-101 Elementary Sanskrit  (30221)
  (8 units)  Monday-Thursday 3:30 - 6 p.m.
  (June 26 - August 10; exam period Aug. 15-18)   
  Instructor: Michael Witzel 
  This course, equivalent to two semesters of course work, will 
  enable students to acquire the basic reading skills in Sanskrit. Stress
  will be placed on learning the Devanagari script, basic grammar and 
  essential vocabulary. Emphasis will also be given to correct 
  translation of passages from simple narrative literature to the epics.
Fees: Application feee (nonrefundable $35)      
Tuition (credit or non-credit): 8 unit course: $ 2,650 
      Health insurance  $95 (required if not covered by an American 
      On-campus housing (if desired):  room and board, eight week session:
             $ 2,175     <June 24, 9 a.m. - August 19, noon>
             (Housing deposit $460)  

Registration by mail, fax (credit card only, with full tuition and fees)
through Wednesday June 7.
Late registration June 8-June 30 ($50 late fee).

from Harvard Summer School, 51 Brattle Street, Cambridge MA 
02138, USA
phone 617- 495 4024 (general information)
617 495 0519 (24 hour line for catalogues)

On-line catalogue:

via Telnet:  (at the login type: courses and RETURN)
via modem:  617 496 8500, 
            at the access 3> prompt, choose option 4: 
            vine/course catalogs and RETURN    
            at the login: prompt, type courses and RETURN      

Good luck!  Michael Witzel


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