Hindi-Urdu Appointment at NCSU/UNC-CH

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Dear Colleague, 

Please post and circulate the following announcement regarding a new (but
unfortunately very late-funded) position in Hindi-Urdu languages and
literatures at North Carolina State University and the University of North
Carolina-Chapel, under the sponsorship of the Triangle South Asia
Consortium.  We need to fill the appointment as soon as possible so that
the professor can begin teaching this fall.  I am submitting this to a
number of list-servers and bulletin boards, so please excuse any
duplication.  If you know of a reflector service or bulletin board that is
not indicated above, or of individuals who might be interested, please feel
free to circulate the announcement.  

Thanks, Tony K. Stewart, Director, Triangle South Asia Consortium

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Hindi-Urdu Languages and Literatures
Beginning 15 August 1995
Triangle South Asia Consortium
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8101

The Triangle South Asia Consortium and North Carolina State University
invite applications for a full-time academic appointment as Professor of
the Practice in Hindi-Urdu languages and literature effective 15 August
1995.  The Triangle South Asia Consortium is an educational cooperative of
the South Asia faculties of North Carolina State University (Raleigh), the
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and Duke University (Durham).  

Qualifications.  Candidates should possess the PhD degree (although ABDs
will be considered).  Candidates should be professionally prepared to teach
Hindi/Urdu language at the beginning and intermediate levels, and one of
the languages and literatures on the advanced level.  Preference will be
given to Urdu, but either will be considered.  An alternate discipline
other than literatures is also acceptable.  The candidate must be prepared
to help develop courses and pedagogy for the interactive televideo
classsroom to take advantage of emerging "information highway"
technologies.  Because of the newness of these technologies, no prior
experience in this environment is required.  

Classes.  Initial class responsibilities will include beginning and
intermediate language classes via telecourse instruction at North Carolina
State University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  The
professor will train and manage teaching assistants on both campuses and
will be expected to teach alternately from each campus with the second
campus connected via interactive televideo classroom.  It should be noted
that this technology is not passive television broadcast, but fully
interactive, enabling all students and faculty, regardless of location, to
engage visually, aurally, and orally.   During the second year, beginning
and intermediate courses at NCSU and UNC-CH will be integrated with
existing instruction at Duke University.  The two professors and their
assistants will then be responsible for classes on all three campuses.  As
noted below, after three years each campus will support a full-time
professor with joint responsibilities for the students on all three
campuses.  The use of telecourses is not a substitute for live instructors,
but provides the member institutions of the Triangle South Asia Consortium
with the opportunity to multiply the presence of faculty in a way that will
relieve each instructor from much of the tediousness of beginning language
instruction through shared faculty and facilities.  This in turn guarantees
that  faculty will be free to develop topical and more advanced classes in
his or her speciality, and to participate more fully in the intellectual
life of the consortium. 

Future.  The initial three year appointment at NCSU will be extended in
rolling five-year term contracts.  The initial commitment for eight years
(three plus five) is institutionally firm; future appointments (with the
possibility of future conversion to tenure track) will hinge on the success
of the program.  The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill will make an
additional full-time, five-year appointment (to begin 1998-99) through a
separate competition contingent upon the successful completion of the first
three years of joint appointment.

Administration and funding.  Funding for the initial three years of this
appointment will be underwritten by the Undergraduate International Studies
and Foreign Language Program (CFDA 84.016) of the Center for International
Education, U.S. Department of Education.  For this initial appointment, the
successful applicant will have an administrative home in the Department of
Foreign Languages at North Carolina State University, but will also be
jointly appointed by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill through
Asian Studies.  

For more information, please contact 

        Prof. Tony K. Stewart
        Triangle South Asia Consortium
        Box 8101 
        North Carolina State University
        Raleigh, NC 27695-8101 USA
        tel. 919/515-6335
        fax. 919/515-7856
        e-mail <tony_stewart at ncsu.edu>

The Triangle South Asia Consortium and its constituent members--North
Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill,
and Duke University--are Equal Opportunity employers.  EO/AA.

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