Lance Nelson lnelson at pwa.acusd.edu
Thu May 11 05:21:52 UTC 1995

A question for those familiar with the literature of advaita vedAnta: Do 
any of the classical advaitins refer to what they are doing, or to 
themselves as a school of thought, as uttara-mImAMsA?  It is often 
pointed out that the pUrva- and uttara-mImAMsAs are sister sytems, and 
were perhaps originally a single system.  But I don't recall coming 
across the term uttara-mImAMsA in any of the readings in advaita I've 
done.  Has anyone?  How about the vedAntasUtras, a.k.a. brahmasUtras?  Has 
anyone seen them being referred to as the uttaramImAMsAsUtras?

I know the term zArIraka-mImAMsA, but that is something else.

Thanks for your thoughts,

Lance Nelson
Religious Studies    
University of San Diego
lnelson at pwa.acusd.edu


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