Worldreligions compared (;-)

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Thu May 4 23:42:07 UTC 1995

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     Stuff deleted..

   > >Elizabeth Hole
   > >Ph.D. Student, Cultural and Religious Anthropology

     Stuff deleted..

   > May I remind Ms Hole that this is not a moderated list. This means that
   > anybody can send *any* message to the list. In other words, we depend
   >upon the sense of responsibility of the list member. I my opinion,
   >there is no reason that some light relief should not pass our way.
   >Personally, I don't feel offended.

   > Best regards,

   > Lars Martin Fosse

     Stuff deleted...

     "Let the chips fall where they may".

     Lars, the best scatological revelation to the anal retentatives
 (au Freud) of the world, otherwise known in these United States of America
as "S*U*A*H". No pun intended on honorable Ms. Hole's last name.

Sid Harth   "My prose is gross, my verse is worse"


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